Know Your “BUT”



Surely at some stage of your life, you heard that you need to know your WHY. As important as it is to know why you want to achieve something, I would like to introduce you to a new concept I discovered.


So let’s say that the beginning of 2018 you said that this coming year you wanted to:


  • Have more money. WHY – e.g. to buy your own house (give your answer here), BUT then “didn’t manage to earn more / save any”
  • Meet the love of your life. WHY – e.g. to have a happy relationship (give your answer here), BUT “it didn’t work out”
  • Loose weight. WHY – e.g. to be healthier (give your answer here), BUT then “you put it back on again”
  • Have more work-life balance. WHY – e.g. to have more time for your loved ones and yourself (give your answer here), BUT “was working hard all year” etc.
  • So what is the ‘BUT’ that is stopping you from having something that you really want, and despite knowing WHY you want it, you can’t seem to get there?

The ‘BUT’ is your beliefs, thoughts, and habits that make you get the results you are getting in your life.

You see, ALL THE ‘BUTs’ have been there this year, the previous years and WILL be here next year too if you DON’T do something about it.

If you want to change anything in your life, you need to change the beliefs, thoughts, and habits that create whatever comes after the “BUT’ for you.


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